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Twin brothers share a common wife

Twin brothers share a common wife


Lucknow, Sept. 2: Ever since a news channel telecast their story about two weeks ago, life has not been the same again for these twin brothers Kunwarpal and Chandrapal Singh.

Teams of mediapersons have been trooping in and out of the Palia Gujar Village at Dataganj in Badaun district and the local residents cannot understand what the fuss is all about.

"Nothing has changed in the past 42 years since these brothers were born here. It has also been almost 21 years since they married the same woman Madhubala. We cannot understand what has happened now that so many people are coming in from the cities to meet them," asks Ram Dhan, a local farmer, in an exasperated tone.

The story of Kunwarpal and Chandrapal may not be new to the Palia Gujar Village but it holds considerable newness for the people living in the outside world where relationships are known to crack under the slightest pressure.

The twins, who look strikingly similar, grew up together. They shared the same likes and dislikes, laughed and cried together and even fell in love with the same woman.

"There was nothing unusual about it — kuchh ajeeb nahin tha. We have always liked the same things. When we fell in love with Madhubala, a lot of people in the family and in the neighbourhood discouraged us from marrying the same woman. But all three of us sat down and discussed the matter. Madhubala said she had no objection and was prepared to live a lead with two husbands. We went ahead and got married to her and neither of us has regretted it even for a moment," says Kunwarpal (or is it Chandrapal?).

The other twin explains, "We do not believe in ‘main’ (me) but we believe in ‘hum’ (us) and Madhubala has never differentiated between us either. This is the secret of our happiness."

Between the two brothers, Madhubala has seven children. The eldest son is doing his graduation while the youngest son is five-years-old. Neither the fathers nor the mother knows which child belongs to which father.

"In the school register of all seven children, the father’s name is given as "Kunwarpal Chandrapal Singh" and that takes care of all questions," they say in unison.

Both the brothers are educated—they hold a post-graduate degree—but prefer farming to jobs in the cities. "We have large land holdings and our income is more than enough for the family. Why should we go and work in an alien place?" they ask.

Madhubala, on the other hand, has no regrets about marrying the brothers. "Everything that I get is double of what other women get. Whether it is gifts or love, I am doubly blessed," she says.

But what about misunderstandings? "Yes they do happen but we always sit down and sort it out between ourselves — that is the unspoken rule in this house," she explains.
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