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Non-active Banten Governor Gets Four Years Imprisonment

Banten province's non-active governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah was sentenced to four years imprisonment for bribing former Constitutional Court's chief Akil Mochtar in a regional election dispute case.

"The defendant is sentenced to four years in jail and Rp200 million of fine or another five months of jail sentence if the defendant fails to pay the fine," Chief of the judge panel Matheus Samiadji stated during the trial at the anti-corruption court in Central Jakarta on Monday.

The verdict is lesser than the prosecutor's demand of 10 years in jail and a fine of Rp250 million plus the revocation of Atut's rights to vote and be voted as a public official.

"Despite denying her involvement in the case, Atut is believed to have ordered her lawyer Susi Tur Andayani to bribe Akil Mochtar Rp1 billion," a member of the judge panel Sutio Sumadi affirmed.

Regarding the sentence, Atut's lawyer T.B. Sukatma stated that his client will consider whether to accept the sentence or contest the ruling in the higher court.

Prosecutor from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Edy Hartoyo remarked that he will also consider whether to accept the judgment or file an appeal in the higher court.

In December 2013, the KPK had named Ratu Atut as a suspect for allegedly violating Law Number 20 of 2001, according to which, any person who gives or promises to give a judge something to influence his/her ruling over a case is sentenced to anything between three and 15 years of imprisonment and a fine that ranges between Rp150 and Rp750 million.

KPK's Chairman Abraham Samad stated that Atut, along with her brother Tubagus Chaeri Wardana alias Wawan, has allegedly paid Rp1 billion as bribe to former Constitutional Court chief Justice Akil Mochtar, through lawyer Susi Tur Andayani, who has also been named a suspect in this case.

The KPK pointed out that Atut has also been supposedly involved in a corruption case worth Rp30 billion linked to the procurement of health equipment. (antara)
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